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Attention Nurses. You Are Being Ripped Off By Using One Of
Those "Big" job searching websites. Hint: They Over Charge
The Employer.

Read On To Find Out Why We Are So Mad

Dear Nurses,
I am sure you have used one of those "big" job websites. What you don't understand is that they are STEALING your money.

How does this happen when it cost YOU nothing to use their website?

Nursing Employers and Recruiters are just like any business. They are there to make themselves money. Nothing wrong with being profitable. In fact the more profitable a hospital or clinic is, the more they can afford to pay you. Get it?

This is where we get furious. Many of those big job search sites can charge your new employers up to $3000.00 a month PER JOB POSTING? Why does that make us so angry?

Well guess where that money is coming from? Your salary. So even that you are not paying the big greedy jobs websites. You actually are paying them.

Important: It is Not Your Nursing Employers Fault. They had no idea that they were being ripped off. Most employers are busy and do not have the time to search for lower cost AND more effective ways to recruit.

You're probably all worked up and frustrated right now. Your're not alone as we feel the same way. Why get mad when that is not going to solve anything? Why not change the way nursing employers find and hire the best nurses?

We Are Changing The System. World Nursing Jobs is a free website for employers. They can post jobs for free and we will blast out on our website, social media and our apps. Again its free forever, not a free trial or some other gimmick.

How can we do this? Our site is sponsored by ads. Additionally we have a low cost paid enhanced job listing for employers.

If you care about your staff and your budget then use World Nursing Jobs. We offer two types of listings which can be found here.

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